Ayn Sof Arkestra was premiered in March 2010

Hazmat Modine - Bahamut, CD coverart

Hazmat Modine

Traveling Show by Metropolitan Klezmer, CD coverart

Metropolitan Klezmer

Greetings from . . . the Isle Of Klezbos, CD coverart

The Isle Of Klezbos

Black Rock Coalition Orchestra

Black Rock Coalition

Bill Lee & The Natural Spiritual Orchestra

Bill Lee & The Natural Spiritual Orchestra


Ayn Sof Arkestra

Ayn Sof Arkestra


Pam Fleming Quartet

Pam Fleming Quartet



photos by Chris Whitehead

Greg Wall, Jazz Rabbi and saxophone player
Aaron Alexander explains his new chart
horn section with Jacob Garchick, Pam Fleming, Jordan Hirsch and Frank London
Pam Fleming and Jordan Hirsch
Jordan Hirsch
Uri Sharlin
Paul Shapiro, saxophone player
Jessica Lurie, saxophone player
Marty Vogel
Zach Mayer
Eyal Maoz
Matthias Kunzli

Greg Wall, Jazz Rabbi and saxophone player   Frank London, trumpet player

Watch out for this exciting big band, under the direction of saxophonist Jazz Rabbi Greg Wall and grammy winning trumpeter Frank London. The Arkestra consists of some of the most innovative artists on the scene today, such as Pam Fleming, Paul Shapiro, Aaron Alexander, Fima Ephron, Eyal Maoz, and many others. The repertoire will consist of original compositions and arrangements of the members and guest composers, in the great NuJu/Rad Jew/SunRaJoo tradition.

Band Members:
Trumpets: Frank London , Pam Fleming, Jordan Hirsch
Trombones: Jacob Garchik
Saxophones: Paul Shapiro, Jessica Lurie, Marty Vogel, Greg Wall, Zach Mayer
Guitar: Eyal Maoz
Accordion, Keys: Uri Sharlin
Bass: Fima Ephron, Pablo
Drums: Aaron Alexander
Percussion: Matthias Kunzli

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